Our Specialties

These days everybody has heard of French food but how many people can say they have had their own French chef come and cook those delicious specialties in their own home.
Here at French Connect Food we offer a once off evening meal or we can make up a whole weeks’ worth of food for you and the family.
If you have a party and need to take a plate, we can offer a variety of platters to assist. Or if you are having friends coming over and need a quick catering option to offer your guests,
why not order a platter or one of our French specialty meals.
Please see below a sample of the specialty dishes that we can prepare.
There are too many fantastic dishes in our repertoire to list them all here.
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    • Vegetarian platter

      A selection of grilled vegetables, marinated olives, hummus and pestos, homemade pickles, quiches, fresh and crispy breads. A delightful vegetarian platter that everyone can enjoy

    • Seafood platter

      We will bring together the best fresh Australian seafood with a commitment to purchase seafood right here on the Coffs coast. Sourcing the oysters grown directly in Urunga or the prawns caught by the Coffs Harbour fishermen. All of the beautiful seafood will be presented on a generous platter with different dips and condiments. Your guests will only enjoy every bite.

    • Charcuterie platter

      What better way to enjoy a glass of wine or an intimate dinner than accompanied with some succulent cured meat, pâtés and other styles of terrine?

    • Cheese platter

      French Connect Food have sourced for you the best Australian and French cheeses available and we serve them on a beautiful platter with different condiments, chutney, nuts and breads.

    • Cheese Raclette

      A “raclette grill” will be set in the middle of the table and each one of your guest will melt their own cheese and then pour it on their plate, filled with potatoes, charcuterie and other condiments. It has been a long favourite for festive and fun interactive evenings. Raclette is another way of enjoying simple and delicious cooking incorporating lots of interaction and of course lots and lots of cheese.

    • Cheese fondue

      Originating in the Swiss Alps. This dish is toasted pieces of the finest bread that you dip in a blend of premium cheeses melted in white wine. Simple but delicious. Perfect for those cold nights of winter.

    • Classic french dish

    • Tartiflette

      Another favorite winter dish. A combination of baked cheese, bacon and potatoes. Slowly cooked in the oven to bring all the mouthwatering flavors to life.

    • Cassoulet

      For some cassoulet is just a fancy way of making baked beans and for others it is a religion and a deep respect of their traditions. Better try and make your mind

    • Beef burgundy

      Slow cooked beef cheeks in a broth of red wine and condiments. Traditionally served with potatoes either steamed or mashed.

    • Pot-au-feu

      Simply translates to hot pot. A slow cook pork belly and gourmet sausages with a seasonal blend of vegetables such as cabbage, leek, turnips….

    • Bouillabaise

      Have you heard of Marseille in the Provence area of France, the smell of lavender, olives, the sound of cicadas, the turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea? One of the most famous dishes from this area. A fine “soup” or stew of fresh fish. An absolute must try.

    • Lamb Navarrin

      A perfect spring dish to celebrate the new season lambs. The coming of those new vegetables after a long winter. The smell of the fresh herbs. All those flavours stewed together for hours end up giving a generous and complex taste.

    • Veal blanquette

      Another classic French dish and one of the French favourites. Blanquette meaning something white, almost everything in the cooking process is white in colour. A delicious creamy dish.

    • Rabit civet

      This more forgotten dish these days is still very delicious. A rabbit slow cooked in a wine sauce to bring together a perfect combination of flavours.

    • Coq au vin

      Chicken braised on the stove for hours in red wine, mushrooms and bacon. A meal for all those wine lovers.

    • Steak Tartare

      This is a raw beef dish that most are too scared to try, but it is definitely a dish that you will only want more of once you taste it. Usually from the fillet, the most tender part of the beef (or veal). The meat is finely cut by a sharp knife and then mixed with a combination of capers, onions, gherkins, Worcestershire sauce and egg yolk.

    • Escargots

      How could we mention France without talking about escargots!!! Here is a good time to try snails, usually cooked in a herb and garlic butter, impossible to go wrong and definitely worth a taste. We also offer a pie version call a “pithivier”