These days everybody has heard of French cuisine but how many people can say they have had their own French chef come and cook those delicious specialities in their own home! Here at French Connect Food we offer a once off evening meal or we can make up a whole weeks worth of food for you and your family.

If you have a party and need to take a plate, we can offer a variety of platters to assist. Or if you are having friends coming over and need a quick catering option to offer your guests, why not order a platter or one of our French speciality meals.

Please see below a sample of the speciality dishes that we can prepare. There are too many fantastic dishes in our repertoire to list them all here.

Our platters are priced per person (minimum of 4 persons per platter). It could also suits 2/3 persons for a light snack. Minimum order $300.

Vegetarian platter ($9)

Grilled and marinated vegetables, pickles, hummus and pesto dips, grilled tofu, croutons, grissini.

Antipasto platter ($11)

House smoked chicken, prosciutto, grilled vegetables, pickles, olives, cheese bites, assortments of dips, crispy breads.

Cured meat platter ($14)

A selection of Australian and Italian cured meat such as prosciutto, bresaola, salami. Smoked chicken and kangaroo. Cornichons, churned butter and breads.

Seafood platter ($35)

Urunga Oysters, Morton Bay bugs, Tasmanian salmon, Fremantle octopus,
NSW King prawns, local tuna, SA black mussels. Fresh lemons, cocktail sauce, chili dipping.

Cheese platter ($12)

A selection of Australian cheese, served with dried fruits, nuts, crackers, homemade chutney.

Premium cheese platter $(18)

Some of the best Australian and French cheeses available. Homemade chutney, quince paste, fruits, nuts and crispy breads.

Fruit platter ($6)

Assortment of fresh and seasonal fruits, chocolate dip and coconut yoghurt.

Sweet platter ($12)

A selection of homemade small desserts, which could include macarons, crème brulée, chocolate mousse and plenty of other delicious options.